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Product Name: Mini Solar Charger with LED (Plastic Case)
Product Model:
   Product Details:
Item No. : MSC2009A
Change up time
From USB 2.5 Hrs
From Sun At least 20 Hrs
Time to deliver power from
Mobile Phone (1000mAh) 1.5 Hrs
iPhone / iPod 2 Hrs (About 70%)
MP3/MP4 (300mAh) 30 mins
6 Standard adaptors & USB cable
Mini USB / Mot V3, Nokia 3.5mm, Nokia 2.0mm, Samsung D808, Sony Ericsson K750, Micro-USB
Solar Panel 0.3W 65mA
Lipo Battery 1200mAh
Input Voltage 5V 500mA
Output Voltage 5V 700±50mA
Staus Indicate Battery Power 25%-50%-75&-100%, Solar Charging (In), Charging (Out)
Size 43x94x10.5 mm
Weight 46g

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